Daily isolation and social distancing in accordance with NSW law.

For some of us who’ve been in baby isolation for the last year or so this isn’t so different to any normal day. Living in regional Australia adds another element to feelings of isolation and we rely on spending time with one another to not go completely fucking insane. I tend to focus more personal and private moments which I know can be boring and mundane but the banal is now my everyday and more so in this time of isolation. I’m needing more than ever to feel connected to my community.

My dear mate Hels Orr and I are left without our daily photography work to pay the bills, we look for ways to stay connected through photography. We worked as press photographers together, became mothers at the same time and are constantly finding ways to juggle photography and motherhood. We are working on this project together 3500km apart with Hels in Darwin, NT and myself in Lismore, NSW. It is an attempt for us to feel connected to each other and to our wider community during Covid-19.

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