New Zealand, South Island

New Zealand you are so pretty. I headed off to the south island with four of my most favourite mates Cherie, Jules, Natasha and Alice to road trip and hike around hobbit land. We saw a thousand rainbows, swam in glacier rivers, stood under the largest sky reserve in the southern hemisphere, ate chilli bush, smelt stink bush - (I still don’t believe this exists, I’m sure somebody just farted), got trapped on the Milford Sounds in flooding and very, very fucking strong winds - enough to blow you off a mountain, lost a gore-tex jacket, panicked, found the gore-tex jacket, played cards, learnt magic tricks, David Lynched in the log cabin, climbed a mountain, saw snow in January (not a big deal for most but I get excited coming from Darwin), ate the best cheese burger, ate delicious vegan food, ruined the only cooking pot, drank whiskey, drank wine, shared a cabin with a motorboat snorer, pissed off the motorboat snorer, had a giant rock planted in a backpack by the psycho snorer, walked 18km with giant rock in backpack.

Naked for a Day

Very excited to win the PANPA Newspaper of the Year Award for Nudist Nomad - No Tan Lines Here series I did with journalist Ellie Turner in Noonamah in Darwin’s Rural. I could get used to going to work in the nude just watch out for leeches, midges, mosquitoes, ants, spiders, snakes and about a 100 other bugs and creatures that want to crawl into any orifice.


If you are ever going to come to Darwin let it be in August when the nights get down to 20 degrees and you can actually sleep without air con and snuggle under a doona! Oh and the Darwin Festival is on and it’s three weeks of zero sleep. 

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