It’s a good day at work when you get to use crocodiles with one of your favourite bands.

Tiwi Islands Grand Final 2017

Muluwurri Magpies triumph over Tapalinga in TIFL grand final at Wurrumiyanga Oval on Bathurst Island, Tiwi Islands on one of the best days in the Northern Territory. The rain, sweat, mud, sun, stray dogs, sausage sandwiches, near missed boat rides, dirty feet, passion, cheers and tears - the best. 

New Zealand, South Island

New Zealand you are so pretty. I headed off to the south island with four of my most favourite mates Cherie, Jules, Natasha and Alice to road trip and hike around hobbit land. We saw a thousand rainbows, swam in glacier rivers, stood under the largest sky reserve in the southern hemisphere, ate chilli bush, smelt stink bush - (I still don’t believe this exists, I’m sure somebody just farted), got trapped on the Milford Sounds in flooding and very, very fucking strong winds - enough to blow you off a mountain, lost a gore-tex jacket, panicked, found the gore-tex jacket, played cards, learnt magic tricks, David Lynched in the log cabin, climbed a mountain, saw snow in January (not a big deal for most but I get excited coming from Darwin), ate the best cheese burger, ate delicious vegan food, ruined the only cooking pot, drank whiskey, drank wine, shared a cabin with a motorboat snorer, pissed off the motorboat snorer, had a giant rock planted in a backpack by the psycho snorer, walked 18km with giant rock in backpack.

Naked for a Day

Very excited to win the PANPA Newspaper of the Year Award for Nudist Nomad - No Tan Lines Here series I did with journalist Ellie Turner in Noonamah in Darwin’s Rural. I could get used to going to work in the nude just watch out for leeches, midges, mosquitoes, ants, spiders, snakes and about a 100 other bugs and creatures that want to crawl into any orifice.


Heart of the Nation

Portrait of the Craig West in the Weekend Australian Magazine and a finalist in the PANPA Newspaper of the Year Awards.


If you are ever going to come to Darwin let it be in August when the nights get down to 20 degrees and you can actually sleep without air con and snuggle under a doona! Oh and the Darwin Festival is on and it’s three weeks of zero sleep. 

Yeeee Haaaaaw

Portrait (sneaky self portrait) of country wack singer Elsey Day wins the Music NT portrait prize and People’s Choice Award. Photo taken on Dickward Drive in the one and only suburb Fannie Bay. So many fucking midgie bites from the speargrass. 

Dusty Dusty Desert Racing

I love the desert! Red dirt, blue sky, golden light and the people. The Finke Desert Race through desert country from Alice Springs to the small Aputula (Finke) community is more than cars and bikes. I love documenting the locals and the people that come from far and wide to watch vehicles speed past them covering them with a dusty puff of dirt.


Nola - What a town!! Music, drinking, food and dancing. I’m pretty sure I could spend the rest of my days photographing the life in this place. 

Jazz Festival in New Orleans is great! Mystery Street comes alive once you leave the festival grounds. Music in the streets until late at night, it is the best. The hardest part was trying not to dance too much while taking photos.

See you at Mardi Gras.


New York I love you. Everywhere I look, every second of the day I am inspired by you. Your city is incredible. 

Larry David being one of my all time people ever to exist, I couldn’t help having a picture of myself in front of Tom’s.

I would love to be back in the US of A for the big election day. Interesting time in history this could be.

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